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The Preferred Business Address: Santa Clara, CA

More than 12,000 businesses have selected Santa Clara as the place to grow their companies. It is easy to see why. Abundant inventory of commercial properties to fit every size and budget. Low utility rates and business taxes. Easy-access transportation. Skilled workforce. Industry diversity. And, of course, Santa Clara’s reputation as a world class center of technology and innovation. Santa Clara welcomes business and encourages you to explore the many benefits of starting and expanding your business in this community.


Business Profile

The profile of City of Santa Clara is appealing and beneficial to all types of businesses that are looking for a dynamic place to locate and grow their companies.

More than 12,000 businesses are already located in the City of Santa Clara – from international public corporations to cutting edge start-ups and mom and pop enterprises. All recognize the advantages Santa Clara offers to businesses that want to grow their success in a community that values them and provides bottom line benefits.


Top Businesses



Business Services

Business decisions require thoughtful consideration, but once those decisions are made company owners and managers want to get it done – now! Santa Clara understands the need for speed and efficiency and makes concerted efforts to help businesses open and expand with ease.


Single Point of Contact

Large or complex applications that need the involvement of multiple City departments are assigned a liaison who will guide the business through the process and ensure clear and complete communication.

For more information, please contact Ruth Shikada, Economic Development Officer or call (408) 615-2200.

Utility Advantages

An undeniable cost of doing business is paying for utilities – electricity, water, and sewer service. Santa Clara is one of few municipalities in California that manages its own utilities. This means dealing with one entity whose priority is on delivery of quality service, not profits.


Reliable, low cost energy

Silicon Valley Power, Santa Clara’s electric utility, is nationally recognized for its excellence in reliability and customer service. Its diversified energy portfolio and leading-edge infrastructure provides commercial customers with capacity to grow their businesses. Electricity bills are 30-40% lower, and Santa Clara has no utility tax that can add 3-5%.

Energy efficiency rebates

Energy audits

Don’t lose profitability because of energy inefficiency. Santa Clara’s electric utility, Silicon Valley Power, will help you identify ways to reduce energy consumption and will provide expertise and incentives if you are remodeling, upgrading or starting new construction.

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Water supply

Santa Clara’s extensive water storage and water supply delivery system provides safe, dependable service of potable water, obtained from its own wells and water wholesalers. The City is not dependent on one source. There are 33 miles of recycled water pipelines in Santa Clara for use in industrial processes and landscape irrigation.

Water conservation rebates

Recycled water system map


Wastewater capacity

The City of Santa Clara uses a master plan of sanitary sewer improvements to ensure reliable service and expanded capacity for areas of the City that are targeted for new or expanded development. Santa Clara is a partner in the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant that is undergoing a massive remodel to add the latest technologies in the treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment